Dunigan Bros., Inc. specializes in construction of Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, and Water System installation. We have the experience to complete any pipe project no matter how deep or how bad the soil conditions are, over the past 70 years in the business chances are we’ve been there. Our experience includes laying all sizes of pipe from as small as 1” conduit all the way to sewers in excess of 100” in diameter. We also know how to handle all pipe products having laid everything including PVC, Concrete, PCCP, Fiberglass, Ductile Iron, Steel, Vylon, and many other pipe products. When it comes to tough ground conditions we have the expertise and ability to handle deep cuts in excess of 40’, wet ground, pipe support in unstable soils including piping on pilings and special backfills, and pipe laid in bedrock. We also have experience installing specialty underground pre made and poured in place structures including Aqua Swirls, large vaults, diversion structures, and headwalls.